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Call now for a free quotation and expert advice from our friendly team

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Commercial Wheelie Bin Waste Management

BSH Recycling supply commercial wheelie bins, bin bags and trade waste services to suit the waste requirements of Peterborough, Bourne & the surrounding area.

This professional service is very popular with our commercial customers including factories, construction sites, offices, retail outlets, warehouses, special events and schools.

We are extremely flexible and will organise emptying your commercial wheelie bin around your requirements so you can have your containers emptied once or several times a week depending on your demand.

Wheelie Bin Service

We stock a variety of commercial wheelie bins ranging from 240 Litres – 1,100 Litres in size, ideal for light waste such as cardboard, paper, mixed food and plastics.

The wheelie bins are available on a rental basis and we only charge for the bins to be emptied at your request, Our dependable drivers always ensure a prompt emptying service whether you have one or ten wheelie bins you can expect the same punctual principles at your door.

Commercial Wheelie Bin Recycling

All the waste we collect will be processed at our waste transfer station to ensure as much as possible is properly recycled, including plastic recycling and cardboard recycling.

This not only helps to reduce your environmental impact, but because we process the waste ourselves we don’t incur additional costs – savings that we can pass onto our customers.

  • Communal waste bins in residential and office buildings

  • Increasing recycling at schools, pubs, retail outlets and hospitals

  • Storing and safely transporting waste in factories and warehouses

Our Wheelie Bin Sizes

We offer commercial wheelie bin hire ranging from 240, 360, 660, 1100 litres

Bin Bag Capacity (approx) Dimensions (approx)
6 Height: 1050mm
Depth: 720mm
Width: 575mm
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Bin Bag Capacity (approx) Dimensions (approx)
6-8 Height: 1100mm
Depth: 875mm
Width: 600mm
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Bin Bag Capacity (approx) Dimensions (approx)
10-12 Height: 1225mm
Depth: 775mm
Width: 1375mm
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Bin Bag Capacity (approx) Dimensions (approx)
16-18 Height: 1200mm
Depth: 1110mm
Width: 1425mm
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Wheelie Bin Service FAQ’s

WHAT CAN’T I PUT IN THE BIN?2018-11-07T10:06:48+00:00

Here is a list of what is not acceptable but if you have some waste you are unsure about please contact our helpful team for advice.

  • Bricks

  • Hardcore

  • Paints

  • Oils and lubricants

  • Hazardous & Toxic Waste

  • Batteries

CAN I KEEP THE BIN INSIDE OVER NIGHT?2018-11-07T10:03:46+00:00

As long as access can be gained to bins upon their day of collection, customers can store and secure their bins in whichever way they wish to suit their circumstances.

HOW MUCH ACCESS DO I NEED?2018-11-07T10:03:46+00:00

Please give thought to access when requesting a bin. Access must be wide enough to allow the bin to be safely manoeuvred by our operative.


BSH Recycling offer a flexible service, capable of dealing with unforeseen circumstances quickly and efficiently. If an extra empty on your bin is needed, with a quick phone call to our office any adjustments can be made. Furthermore, if your standard weekly collection is not necessary, just let us know.

HOW DO I CHOOSE WHICH BIN TO ORDER?2018-11-07T10:03:46+00:00

The table on our wheelie bin page, gives approximate measurements of our bins and a guide to their capacity. Should you find that the bin you have isn’t right, simply call us and we can change it to suit accordingly. For any more assistance deciding which bin will suit your needs, call BSH Recycling on 01778 394 044, Opt 1.

AM I TIED IN TO A CONTRACT?2018-11-07T10:03:46+00:00

Here at BSH Recycling, our contract with every customer is a written agreement, demonstrating an organisations provision for waste disposal. BSH Recycling do not tie customers into lengthy contracts, instead we deliver a simple and well executed service, showing the faith we hold in the package we provide.

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