A recent article written by The Guardian has claimed that the UK is leading the way when it comes to the way we have increased recycling rates when compared with the rest of Europe.

It must be said however that the UK started at a low level in 2001, where we recycled just 12% of all municipal waste. The UK has now increased this to 39% which is on a par with the average of Europe.

The target across the EU is for recycling rates to reach 50% by 2020 and some countries are doing better than others when it comes to reaching this goal.

Germany, Austria and Belgium are already recycling more than half of their waste, meaning they have already reached the target level set by the EU. Much of Eastern Europe is still lagging behind however; Romania recycled just 1% in 2010.

Does the UK Need to Recycle More?

You will have heard it again and again but by not recycling, we are damaging our beautiful planet and having a negative impact on the world that we leave for our children and grandchildren. The UK’s landfills are filled to bursting and we have been struggling to stay on top of them for years. Recycling more is not just something that it would be nice to do, it’s a necessity.

It’s good to hear that the UK is raising the bar and getting very close to the target level of the EU by 2020, but we still need to do more!

Did you know for example that between 20 and 40 tonnes of electronic waste are produced worldwide per month?

Electronics are filled with re-usable materials such as copper, silver and even gold, but many people just throw them away without thinking about it. This may be hitting you in your pocket too, the USA is said to throw away mobile phones containing as much as $60 million worth of gold and silver each year!

So the overwhelming answer to the question ‘does the UK need to recycle more?’ is YES! Yes, it does!

At Bourne Skip Hire we are passionate about this and we have our own recycling plant which is dedicated to recycling the waste that we collect.

Bourne, Peterborough, Oakham – We’re Looking at You!

We’re located in Bourne and we serve the recycling needs of Bourne, Peterborough, Oakham and everywhere in between. So there’s no excuse to just ‘chuck’ your rubbish away. Get yourself one of our skips if you’re having a clear out and any waste that we collect we will take to our recycling plant. This means that you won’t have to feel guilty about not recycling the waste from your clear out!

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